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June Promo – Timexpert Hydraluronic Professional Kit

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A complete beauty routine for every stage of life. The ideal trio of facial treatments for dehydrated and volume-lacking skin.

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Product Description

2 Timexpert Hydraluronic Fill-in Concentrate

The first step of the treatment. A dermal filler concentrate that is massaged into the skin by areas — as if it were a “cosmetic needle” — to introduce the powerful ingredients in its formula into the dermis and deeply hydrate, achieving a visible “filler” effect. Special focus on areas to be plumped such as the cheekbones, frown lines, lips, neck, etc.

The addition of HLG allows the active ingredients, which are present in the serum in a very high concentration, to be released in a sustained and prolonged manner at the desired site of action. Clinically proven.

2 Timexpert Hydraluronic Facial Oleo-Gel 3HA

25ml tube (with TIMEXPERT HYDRALURONIC design box)

An ultra-sensory resin that glides and melts into the skin, allowing for a pleasant and prolonged massage on the face, neck and décolletage. Delivers all the benefits of hyaluronic acid in its different molecular weights.

2 Timexpert Hydraluronic Extra Moisture Facial Mask

A gel and a solution that fuse to become an original mask with an elastic consistency and fresh feeling. Packed with active ingredients for an extraordinary hydration punch. If tolerated, it is also advisable to apply to the lips. It is very easy and quick to remove.

1 Cool Massager

FREE 2 Timexpert Hydraluronic 3D Force Serum

For the first time, a formula combining high, medium and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid with the patented HLG nanopolymer. Now, the epidermis and dermis are more permeable and receptive to the introduction of hyaluronic acid and as a result, this combination of ingredients achieves a unique effectiveness:


The blend of HA+HLG results in a 100% HYDRATING AND PLUMPING ACTIVITY.

In addition to delivering maximum hydration to all layers of the skin, this concentrated facial serum considerably improves skin volume and firmness. Wrinkles are diminished, with a real plumping effect from the inside out.

Clinically proven efficacy.

Instructions for use: Apply two or three pumps in the morning and evening over the face, neck and décolletage until fully absorbed. Wait a few minutes before applying your usual treatment cream.








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