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Timexpert Radiance C+ Pure C10

Key Ingredients

Product Description

Concentrate with Vitamin C, E and Ferulic Acid

Description:  Advanced antioxidant serum that works smoothing and evens skin tone and provides essential mousturization to stop damaging dehydration and increase the firm appearance.

An extraordinary booster of glow and energy for all skin types.

For the first time, a treatment that multiplies 6 times the effectiveness of Pure Vitamin C* thanks to the patented HLG nanopolymer, which nourishes skin in depth and allows a sustained release of the active ingredients.

*Clinically proven efficacy

Indicated for: particularly ideal for dull and stressed skin


In two weeks*:
100% More youthful and radiant skin
85% Visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots

In four weeks*:
75% improves firmness

*Self-evaluation test PURE C10


10% Vitamin C

1% Vitamin E

0,5% Ferulic Acid
Patented HLG Nanopolymer


Presentation:  3 x 10 ml  One-month treatment

Pure Vitamin C remains encapsulated and isolated from the serum until its activation at the moment of its use, which guarantees it does not degrade nor oxidize.

Application:  Apply on face, neck, and décolletage every morning after your facial hygiene routine and before applying your usual treatment.
For enhanced results, use sun protection next.

  • A must in any treatment routine to be used throughout the year.
  • In times of fatigue, seasonal changes, etc.
  • Restores the glow of dull and stressed skin.
  • Indispensable for women who smoke.

Avoid contact with the eyes.
Avoid exposure to the light and heat.
The first days you may feel a slight tingling sensation, which should diminish as the skin adapts to the treatment.

Clinically proven effectiveness

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