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Beauty Egg – 7 Treatments

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Product Description

lete effectiveness, providing an almost magical awakening.

6. Timexpert Rides High Nutrition – nourishing elixir, perfect for dry skin containing exclusive anti-aging active ingredients – 2 x 2 ml

Do you feel dehydrated, dry skin and lack of comfort? Just a few drops of this wonderful elixir provide all the technology and necessary wealth to sublimate the beauty of the skin. The combination of 7 oils, active ingredients of natural origin with high regenerative power and exclusive anti-aging ingredients constitutes the richest skin care. extraordinary rejuvenation. Its calming and anti-inflammatory properties make it a powerful repair agent, even for the most delicate skin. The nourishment on the skin is felt immediately. Comfort and flexibility. The face exudes vitality and youth.

7. Hair Repair – exclusive hair oil (baobab sesame oil and Pataua oil) for immediate healthy, frizz-free hair without weighing it down or leaving it feeling greasy – 2 x 2ml

Dry and frizzy hair? Give your hair a second youth. Exclusive hair oil based on natural oils, intended for all hair types. It prevents hair loss by strengthening the fiber from the inside, softening, regenerating and radically moisturizing it from the first application. Thanks to its liquid consistency, it facilitates drying and styling, taming the most rebellious hair. Your hair will look healthy and frizz-free, without leaving it feeling greasy or clumpy. Get the best version of your hair instantly!

How to use:
Shake the ampoule gently. Break the top part while holding the bottom part tightly. Pour the contents of one ampoule into your hand. Spread on the face, neck and décolleté with circular movements or gentle touches with your fingers until completely absorbed.

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