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B-Calm Fundamental Moisturizing Light Cream – For normal skin with sensitivity

Key Ingredients

Product Description

It stimulates the natural defense systems and reduces susceptibility to irritation. Hydrates, soothes and comforts even the most reactive skin. The texture of the skin improves significantly*. The sensations of tightness and discomfort disappear and the serenity necessary for facing daily stress returns.

  • 97% calm and relief**
  • In just 5 days +39% hydration, -31% trans-epidermal water loss***.

Two textures, rich and light, adapted to each type of skin.

*Effectiveness proven with clinical tests on skin roughness, smoothness, and flaking.
**Percentage of satisfaction in clinical study with 30 volunteers after using the Fundamental Moisturizing Cream – Rich for 4 weeks.
***Clinical test carried out on 30 volunteers with Corneometer probe after using Micellar Water Gel + Fundamental Moisturizing Cream – Rich.

Indicated for: daily hydrating treatment for sensitive skin.

SKINBIOME REPAIR. Helps re-balance the skin’s macrobiotic and restore the barrier function.
EXTRACTS OF BERRIES OF TASMANIAN PEPPER. Soothes sensitive and reactive skin. Immediately relieves the sensation of itchiness and burning. Reduces erythema caused by UV exposure.
SENSIPEPTIDE. Strengthens the skin barrier. Improves hydration. Prevents flaking.
INMUGLUCANE. Recovers the skin’s defense capacity. Soothes irritation. Minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.
CORN PHYTO-ACTIVE. Improves skin tolerance of sensitive, irritated or fatigued skin. Has a soothing, smoothing and relieving action.

Without coloring’s.

Presentation: 50-ml dossing tube. Airless technology.

Application: Morning and night.

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