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Bundle – Timexpert Rides Global Corrective Balm Eyes/Lips + Aqua Patch Eye Mask

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Product Description



The patches with flash anti-fatigue effect.

 A localized care, very complete and effective, with powerful ingredients and in aqua-gel format that ensures the penetration of the ingredients in record time.

It adapts and adheres perfectly to the contour.

Impressive “eraser” of wrinkles and dark circles. The result: the eye contour revitalized, rested, and hydrated anytime and anywhere.

360º action.

Indicated for:
Wrinkles of the contour, blue dark circles, brown dark circles, and puffiness


Tissulage Tech
Energy Phytoactives

Single-use sachet (2 units)

After applying the Timexpert Rides Eyes Eye Contour Global Treatment or usual eye contour, place both patches following the illustrations enclosed in the sachet. Try to maintain a relaxed position during the 20’. Remove them and you will discover a visibly rested and hydrated eye contour that glows with youthfulness. Single use.

Put them in the fridge to maintain their freshness and increase their relieving benefits.


Timexpert Rides Global Corrective Balm Eyes/Lips

Fluid concentrate with a very delicate texture that, thanks to the Pro-Collagestine-Fill, Soya Extract, an anti-bags under the eyes biotechnological peptide and to the Azarole Buds, known for their anti-puffiness properties, corrects imperfections of the eye contour: smoothest wrinkles, provides tone and firmness to the skin, fills in and inhibits expression lines injecting extra youthfulness to the eye contour.

Its application on the lip contour is very recommendable. Fine wrinkles of the mouth contour are filled in, fading the undesirable “bar code” that so much gives away your age.

Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested product.

Size: 1 oz.

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