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Lift Duo – TE Lift (IN) Serum + Cream

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Lift Duo: Serum+Supreme Cream.

Manufacturer: Germaine

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Product Description


LIFT DUO. This powerful fusion of science and nature visibly enhances volume, tightens, and contours, delivering unparalleled firming results. Experience the transformative power of V-Matrix technology.

TE LIFT (IN) Serum

A powerful concentrate of firmness and redefinition of the facial oval. A jewel of anti-ageing technology.

Developed with V-Matrix. Biotechnology and nature united to reinforce the mesh that underlies the skin, giving it support and volume.

VECTOR LIFT MASTER FIRMNESS SERUM is a premium gesture that works wonders applied alone or under the daily treatment.

Indicated for: All skin types.

Formula: Light and fresh, it is rapidly absorbed, charging the skin with energy in an instant.

Presentation: 1.7 oz – 50-ml glass bottle with dropper.

Application: Apply before the usual treatment cream morning and night. In case of oily or combination skin VECTOR LIFT could be enough, not being necessary to apply the cream afterwards.

TE LIFT (IN) Supreme Cream

It is the first treatment that includes the innovative Alpha-Gel Technology, which generates a delicate enveloping film with “second skin” effect.

The moment it is applied the skin’s micro-relief is smoothed, the skin is transformed and an immediate sensation of freshness, smoothness and well-being is generated. With the continued treatment the facial oval is redefined, the skin is reinforced and re-tautened and lines and wrinkles are visibly smoothed and softened. Essential ally of women who look for evident results from the first day.

Indicated for: All skin types.

Formula: A light entry that when applied becomes rich, nourishing and comfortable. The skin feels fresh, smooth, juicy, with an unbeatable texture.

Presentation: 1.7 oz – 50 ml jar.

Aplication: Spread it morning and night on the face, neck and décolletage following the specific movements. Its application is a true ritual of refinement.

1. Gentle upward palm passes.

2. Carry out pinchings.

3. Sliding with both index fingers.

4. Carry out upward palm passes, like ironing.

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