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Discovery Kit – Expert Lab | Limited Time

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Product Description

Includes a selection of seven of our best Lab Solution concentrates in a practical kit that addresses each and every skin need.

The perfect kit to discover each one’s excellent results first-hand.

Each mix has a specific action: anti-ageing, lifting, revitalising, depigmenting, anti-acne…

For a supplementary action, they can be combined in the same session to tackle more than one skin issue.

Combined use with specific equipment to maximise results.

They all include the patented HLG technology.

Sterile solutions*




1 Exp Lab Glow Complex 1 vials
1 Exp Lab EGF Complex 1 vials
1 Exp Lab Liquid Collagen Complex 1 vials
1 Exp Lab Balancing Complex 1 vials
1 Exp Lab Rejuvenating Complex Facial Solution 1 vials
1 Exp Lab Lift Complex
1 Exp Lab Dark Spot Complex



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