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Timexpert Lift (IN) Firmness & Density Program

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Product Description

Its exclusive professional application method intensifies the lifting action. An original massage carefully designed to “sculpt” the face and neck with very precise movements that work the facial oval from all the angles. It is influenced by ancient oriental techniques, such as the system of meridians, and more avantgarde, inspired by aesthetic medicine interventions. This “face to face” work technique establishes a special professional-client bond. .

The power of the formula, together with the mastering of the massage technique, show unprecedented results, visible after just one session:

Firmness is restored. Features are lifted.

Filling-in action. Volume and density. Wrinkles are faded.

The progressive tautening effect redefines the oval.

A complete monthly program of four sessions is the best guarantee of a progressive and lasting lifting.

Recommended for:
Skin that needs to solve the loss of suppleness and firmness resulting from the progressive thinning of the dermis.

98% of the 111 persons that participated in the study* declared that a single session can be considered a true immediate beauty treatment with Express Lifting effect.

5 Non- Personalized Sessions.
*Self-evaluation test carried out with volunteers between 35 and 69 years of age.

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